Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Stumped again!

Hey, folks! We're again stumped by a cover in the New Yorker covers contest, and we're again too impatient to wait for the answer! (And by we, I mean me.) Can anyone tell us what #4 is? (And if you know all, go tell the New Yorker and maybe you'll win yourself a new book!)


UPDATE: The New Yorker has put me out of my misery! I'll link to rather than posting the answer, in case anyone wants to belatedly play along.


  1. Statue of Liberty's crown

  2. 1 is, I think, 100 Years of Solitude (or else something by Marquez.)

    3 is The House of Spirits.

    I don't recognize the others, I'll have to go check out the answer.

  3. Number four is the cover from the 1962 Grove edition of Jorge Luis Borges's "Ficciones".

    Chris Rice