Thursday, September 10, 2009

Literature by age

Since I can't resist any nerdery that involves a spreadsheet, I'm particularly tickled by this blog entry from the Guardian on charting literary characters by age and the separate blog this project has spawned. Has anyone ever had a similarly distressing realization that they'd now outpaced a character that they'd always thought of as older than they were?



  1. How did writers track characters' ages before MS Excel?
    GReat Post. Thanks.

  2. "How did writers track characters' ages before MS Excel?"

    With a pencil and access to Ye Olde Secret Club.

  3. I think it was the kids in FOREVER. I first read that book in fourth grade and though they were basically grown-ups. In my twenties I realized they were "just kids"! Gah! Now in my forties, I laugh because I am the parents in the book!


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