Thursday, February 25, 2010

Divine innovation

by Michael

Don’t you love how hindsight is 20-20? This very interesting article from the Boston Phoenix discusses how e-Bible publishers are on the cutting edge of e-books. And, as they point out, it makes sense: the material is in the public domain, is insanely popular, and its organization lends itself well to the format. In hindsight, it’s pretty obvious that e-Bibles would be huge!

Not being religious myself, I’d never checked one out, but I’ll be downloading at least one now. I’m curious to see what innovations and developments might work well for new titles. Any of you have an e-Bible to recommend?


  1. has a digital store. I use the site more for looking up individual verses when I'm not sure where they're found or for a quick read when I don't want to flip through pages.

  2. The New Revised Standard Version is supposed to be the closest translation to the original text. The King James Version is certainly poetic, which may be why some like it.

  3. I use YouVersion on my iPhone. I love the fact that it has dozens of translations, so I can really get a feel for what the text means by jumping around to a few different versions.

  4. for sure.

  5. ESV (English Standard Version) is free for Kindle and iPhone users. (There is a study Bible version that costs.) You can find and download the ESV Bible by searching for “ESV” in the Kindle Store.

  6. WORD (or maybe CYBERWORD), if that term isn't already passe.

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