Monday, September 11, 2006

Our first post

We here at Dystel & Goderich are an opinionated bunch. Conveniently, there’s always something new for us to have an opinion about: new books, new trends, new formats, etc. We’ve also noticed that as we continue to meet more and more authors (the aspiring and the published), some questions are universal and will almost always come up at some point.

As such, we’ve decided to give ourselves a spot to spout off. Every week, a different DGLM staffer will visit this space to share thoughts and information relating to publishing or writing in general. We won’t be able to answer every question anyone has, but we hope to be able to share a little of what we’ve learned over the years. For some added perspective, we’ll have guest writers from our client list every so often to weigh in on important issues or merely to rant about whatever they feel is rant-worthy.

The tables are turned, and now we’re the ones sitting at our keyboards trying to fill the pages. Wish us luck, and feel free to let us know if there are particular subjects you’d like to see covered.


  1. How great that DGLM has its own blog! I look forward to reading all the agenting pearls of wisdom you all have to offer (I know that Stacey G. has plenty of her own, but it will be good to hear from others as well). :-)

  2. Awesome! So good to see another blog that readers and writers can add to their must read list...

  3. Subjects I'd like to see covered - what do agents want to see in the query letter? Believe me, prospective clients would like to make your job easier, simpler, but you have to tell us how to do that.

    It takes me hours to prepare a query - research an agency's site, consider what they request in a query, prepare same, and then a few days to review it, hoping it's right.

    I suppose it's hard to be quite specific in exactly what you want, but sans that, you're likely to get a lot of wasted time on everyone's part.