Thursday, April 16, 2009


So The New Yorker has posted a contest to identify some book covers from pretty small details. This week's is a lot harder than last week's, and we're a bit shorthanded around here today. Miriam and I are way too impatient to wait for the answers to be revealed, and we've only got 2 & 4 down. Head over there, check 'em out--if you think you know them, by all means enter to win--and then come back here and put us out of our misery!


UPDATE: You guys are awesome. We knew we could count on you!


  1. #3 is Go Ask Alice. #2 is Atlas Shrugged and #4 is...Catcher in the Rye? #1 is a total mystery.

  2. #1 is Bright Lights, Big City!

  3. HOW did you guys get all 4 so fast?!

    I got Atlas right off the bat.. but the rest? Ouch.

    You all have my undying respect and admiration.

  4. In relation to this, I have a question I haven't seen addressed on blogs yet...

    How much should the book covers of an agent's client list tell you about the agent?

    I'm asking because I've come across a couple of agents who consistently have clean, brilliantly-designed books they represent, while I've also come across a couple of agents whose books consistently look like they're stuck in an early-'90s time warp, despite being recently published.

    As someone with a background in design, the book's appearance is important to me. Is it solely something between the author and publisher, or is the cover something an agent has input and influence over as well?

    In other words, would I be better off to avoid querying one of the latter agents, whose client's books I think are badly-designed?