Tuesday, October 06, 2009

How to Hook an Agent

I was approached by Writer's Digest a while back to contribute to their "Successful Queries" feature, and I jumped at the chance.  One of my personal goals is to explain to authors that there's no one right way to do a query. Only by seeing what's worked in the past can you see just how varied they are.  The magazine (which features several excellent examples in different categories) came out last month, and you can still order it online.  Additionally, it was featured here on their blog, where you can see Lisa McMann's excellent query for the YA book that became WAKE, along with my commentary on why it worked for me. 

Thanks to Writer's Digest for this informative feature.  It's one I'll continue to watch!

- Michael


  1. Michael, my thanks also to WD for putting your advice and basics that you look for, where many could access it. It was concise and informative. It was like a target with only limited space and you hit the bullseye. Thanks, CJ Barrows

  2. Dude, LINK to the Writer's Digest post!! Blogging 101

  3. It is linked! First paragraph, seventh line. Link embedded in "here."