Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Best of the decade

by Stacey
As we're coming up on the new year and end of a very tumultuous decade, and looking at lots of book lists, like Jim's recent post, this piece from this week's New York magazine made me think about my favorite novel of the past 10 years. The book that popped into my head was Little Children by Tom Perrotta. Loved that book (a lot better than the movie version). It's a very compelling and real look at serious suburban dysfunction. It's funny, but also achingly sad, and the seemingly simple plot unfolds in surprising ways that subtly suggest this book is not, nor was it ever, going to have a fairy tale ending. Perrotta is a talented and versatile writer who I am always eager to read something new from. What's your favorite book of the last decade?


  1. The Blood Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop - okay technically 3 books, but it's still one story. That's definitely my favourite.

  2. Walter Moers, "The City of Dreaming Books".
    It's hilarious, particularly for aspiring authors, I think. The description of the city, people (readers, writers, publishers, agents, failed poets ...) and book dungeons is so vivid, so funny & imaginative, so true sometimes, you chuckle with glee most of the time, sometimes laugh out loud. I couldn't put it down. (P.S. The story occasionally gets dark and bloody.)

  3. Mystic River was astonishing.

  4. "Then We Came To The End," by Joshua Ferris. Started out feeling like it was just a stunt (writing in the collective first person), but it was surprisingly moving and funny. And he pulled it off.

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