Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little pre-Christmas humor

by Michael

This video, by David Kazzie of The Corner blog, while a little on the long side, had my colleagues and me laughing. For all of you hard-working, already-published or aspiring writers out there, it can be difficult when you encounter someone who knows nothing about books or publishing but decides to write a book anyway. And this is how you'll want to react--if you're a bit crass and don't mind a few four-letter words. (Ok, so this is what I might say!) And with so many people mentally checked out of work, you should have a few minutes of fun, too.



  1. lol. This is funny, I have a friend who always says she is good at writing and should be a writer. LOL

  2. LOL Thanks for posting, Michael. That's the best laugh I've had this December.

  3. hey guys, thanks for posting my video. Glad you liked it!

  4. This almost made me run a stop sign (again) as I was listening to it while I drove...

  5. I love this. All it needs is a line that says: "If I run into any problems, I'll just make it a YA book, because those are easier to write."

  6. I've shared this with my critique group and they all had a good chuckle.

  7. @Brodi -- nice one. I could fill a second video with this stuff (hey, more ways to avoid actually working on my real manuscript....)

  8. Love this one.. Whenever i see the post like yours i feel that there are still lovely peoples who share funny & cute stuffs... Thanks fro linking this up...

  9. I think it is nice that all of you agents don't squash the dreams of the 99% with all of the animosity you obviously carry around. "The peasants are revolting" "You said it they stink on ice!"

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