Friday, January 22, 2010

Famous people, children's books

by Rachel

With celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg and Julie Andrews writing children’s books these days, it comes as no surprise that the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has gone down the same path and is penning his very own children’s book, Jasper and Abbey and the Great Australia Day Kerfuffle. The book will be about the PM’s dog and cat, and their adventures through the Prime Minister’s residence. I’ll be sure to order a copy.

After reading the article about this upcoming book, I started to wonder what other celebrities I’d like to see writing children’s books. Brangelina, Ozzy Osbourne, maybe even another well-known politician--it’d be interesting to see what different ideas various celebrities can come up with when writing for kids.

I’m sure there are many more children’s books to be written by famous people, but have you ever been surprised by a particular celebrity writing a book for children? Or, is there a particular famous person you’d love to see pen a book for kids?


  1. That's because K-Rudd is gangsta. Plus, we Aussies are cool like that. Now excuse me while I go laugh into my vegemite-on-toast. Great Australia Day Kerfuffle! LoL.

  2. I was pretty surprised when Madonna wrote one. I know she was a mother at that point and that inspired her, but it wasn't what I expected from any of her previous images.

  3. As long as our former president never jumps on this bandwagon, I'll be okay. And I'll bet Angelina Jolie could write a great book for girls.

  4. Madonna's books definitely came as a surprise, but then she is a master of the many incarnations.

    Your question of which celebrities should write children's books made me think of the most unlikely ones: Stephen Colbert (after having Ben and Jerry named a flavor after him, what else couldn't he do?), Tiger Woods (did you see his new image with no shirt and a knit cap on the cover of some magazine? Vanity Fair, I think), Tina Fey. Actually, I change my minds, maybe these ones could potentially write some very interesting ones.

  5. If expertise in your field doesn't matter anymore, maybe the real question is this: why don't more children's authors become celebrities? Let's get a recording contract for Stephenie Meyer, a modeling gig for Judy Blume, and a blockbuster movie for Sara Zarr. My friend Andrea tells my I'm hilarious, so maybe I can get a sitcom, or a talk show of my own.

  6. People with platforms of celebrity that allow them to access the publishing world - people with no committment to the craft of writing, no training, and (dare I say it) no talent - well, they just demonstrate the fact that publishers are willing to whore themselves out for the few quick dollars it will bring them. The publishing world wants to hold a dignified pose that implies they are committed to the search for real writers with real talent. The truth is much uglier; publishing is a money grabbing business like all others - the only difference is the air of superiority it tries to wrap itself in... And I have no issue with the money seeking part of it - it's a business. But cut all the posing.

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