Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So much to read, so little time….

by Miriam

As usual, I’m juggling three different books that I’m reading for pleasure along with the roughly 675 manuscripts and proposals I’m reading for work (I exaggerate, but only slightly). As all you voracious readers know, however, there are always more literary worlds to conquer. So, as I ponder the long months of inclement weather ahead of us still, and the myriad interesting looking books publishers are rolling out every day, here’s my wish list…right now:

(1) GAME CHANGE by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann – Along with the rest of the country I was fascinated by the 2008 presidential campaign. But this gossipy, inside baseball account promises to change the way we look at all the players.

(2) WHERE THE GOD OF LOVE HANGS OUT by Amy Bloom – I’ve been on a short story kick lately and I hear good things about Amy Bloom. Mostly, I just like the title.

(3) LET THE GREAT WORLD SPIN by Colum McCann – I’ve actually started this one and am dazzled already.

(4) YOU: ON A DIET by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet Oz – Post-holiday guilt about overindulging? Maybe. But I like the “YOU” books and the way the authors present useful information.

(5) JUST KIDS by Patti Smith – Great early reviews for this memoir about the iconic rocker and her crew.

(6) THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO by Stieg Larsson – Because if one more person tells me I have to read this series….

(7) WOLF HALL by Hilary Mantel – I’m a sucker for well crafted historical fiction and this sounds splendid.

(8) DRIVE: THE SURPRISING TRUTH ABOUT WHAT MOTIVATES US by Daniel Pink – A subject I’ve always been fascinated by. And, maybe, just trying to get myself motivated in the new year.

(9) BORN TO RUN by Christopher McDougall – I’ve been toying with the idea of taking up running again. Probably won’t do it, but I can read about it….

There is no #10. Right now.


  1. Just finished Let the Great World Spin: brilliant! Will have to re-read at later date. Couldn't quite finish Drgaon Tattoo. I, too, always wonder why people do the things they do, so the Daniel Pink book is going on my TBR pile.

    My brother-in-law loaned me a great little book on running, a memoir of sorts by Haruki Murakami: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. Quite a bit of it actually relates to writing.

  2. My TBR list is so long I'm afraid to even peek at the stack of books under my bed. I know Deanna Raybourn's sequal to 'Silent in the Grave' is on my list, along with the second book in Kim Lenox's 'Shadowguard' series.

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