Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Paranormal lives on

by Stacey
I'm going to finally meet a client of mine whose YA paranormal trilogy I recently sold to Harper. This recent piece about the ongoing and continued appeal of paranormal is worth reading  if you have an interest in this category, and even if you don't. Many prominent editors and publishers are quoted and share their insight on why so many of these books are thriving, how broad the parameters are for what will work, and it goes on to discuss how these authors and their editors are making an impact online by connecting with their fans. I am confident and hopeful that the interest in paranormal will continue so that more readers will enjoy these escapist, entertaining, and often well executed stories, many of which come from our own DGLM! If you have favorites that you think we'd enjoy, please share and we will check them out.


  1. I think so long as there's an audience for a genre, that genre is going to thrive. Maybe not always be as popular as others, but it'll be there. Plus I love paranormal, so maybe I'm biased :D

    Right now I'm reading "Never Cry Werewolf" by L.A. Banks. Really good stuff.

  2. This post makes me happy--I'm one paranormal loving girl. I rarely admit this (except to my friends who are also obsessed with this series) but one of my guilty faves is the Dreamfever series by Karen Marie Moning. It's not perfect, but I haven't had so much fun reading a series in a long time.

  3. Oh, good...I won't give up on my current YA paranormal!

  4. How can one not love a good YA paranormal romance and all the angsty conflict associated with it?

    It combines so many elements of other genres that draw readers in. Romance, suspense, horror, sci-fi, it's all in there.

    Wow. How to narrow it down to a few favorites? I recently read Richelle Mead's entire Vampire Academy series and was simply thrilled with the characters. Also, I enjoyed Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready and The Fallen by Thomas Sniegoski.

    P.S. Loved the article link--'P Is For Paranormal'.

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