Thursday, June 10, 2010

They did name it Kindle

by Michael

As you may have learned from a previous post, a few of us at DGLM are fans of xkcd. This comic that ran the other day really tickled my funny bone.

But it also made me wonder: in this age of digital media, what will be the equivalent of book burning or record smashing (I guess this one has been CD smashing for a while)? How will outraged preachers and parents show their disapproval?


  1. That is wonderful! Kindles they might be, but they're definitely not tinder.

    Cheapskate book-burners will be fresh out of luck.

  2. Protest signs splashed across blogs and facebook accounts "DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK!"

    Not nearly as dramatic as a burning, is it?


  3. the twits will tweet
    and rant and bleat
    when digital inking
    defies their thinking

  4. Haha! I've heard suggestions for how to get books signed (i.e. somehow creating a space in the book that the author could sign, sort of the way you sign for packages these days), but how on earth will we destroy bytes and pixels?

    In all likelihood, though, it will probably be like *Jen* said: electronic protests. Petitioning libraries, etc. Not nearly as fun (and still a hassle for those of us in the library profession).

  5. About a thousand negative "reviews" on the booksite should cover it. Kind of like book burning, rather odd that "flaming" is the term for attacking people on-line, no?