Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the winners are....

by Miriam

After much in-fighting and name calling, we’re ready to give you our top three picks for memoir pitches, following last week’s contest. This was a tough process because many of the pitches sounded like books we’d like to read (and/or represent). I hope you will actually send us your queries when you’re ready to tell these stories.

Now, without further ado, the winners:

First place: Ariana Richards
Second place: Ken Olsen
Third place: Tamara

Honorable mentions: February Grace and EHF for Suzan W

If the winners would e-mail me their addresses at, we’ll send you your prizes (Michael Tucker’s delightful Living in a Foreign Language, a DGLM water bottle, and a DGLM soup mug).

Thank you so much for playing along!


  1. Congrats winners! These were so much fun to read, Miriam. Great idea. This exercise forced me to finally -- finally -- work on my query letter, which frankly I'd been dreading. And today I got my first request for a full m/s. Thanks for kicking me into gear!!

  2. Thank you so so much, Miriam and everyone! The vote of confidence is very inspiring. No writerly depressions for at least a week (hehe)!

    Congrats, Ariana! I read yours, too, and thought, wow, that would be interesting.

    And I have to tell you, I've read some of Ken's memoir and it kicks ass and takes names! It reads a little like Steinbeck.

  3. Wow! Congratulations all!

    Thanks Miriam. What a great idea.

    I learned a lot and hope to see another contest soon. Maybe next time I can get the submission process right.

    Good luck to everybody.

  4. Cool! Congrats to the winners (fantastic entries, all!) and thanks for the mention!

    Someday I'll get my hands on one of those elusive, coveted DGLM soup mugs! Do you hear me world? Someday!!! *shaking fist at the sky*



  5. Wow. These are all so moving. Great contest. Congrats to all the winners (mentions are winners, too!)

  6. Hmm, maybe I should have written that all I met were bad people during my travels! (Just kidding!!!) Congratulations to all the winners, some were my personal favorites!

    February Grace let me know if you ever do write a memoir, I would love to read it!

  7. Congratulations everyone! There were so many great pitches, and amazing lives behind every one of them. I'm honored to be listed in those ranks.

  8. PS I have to add that I bet Jeffe's memoir is very funny and touching. Have you read her blog? Love, Power, and Fairytale Endings

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