Monday, November 08, 2010

Go Blue!

by Jane

This weekend I went to my very first tailgate party and college football game. Both took place at the University of Michigan where my son is a freshman.

The party started at 9:30 on Saturday morning and continued until the game began at noon. There was absolutely no food served during the gaiety (much to my surprise) but we did have lots of fun and so I decided that I would share some pictures with our readers.
The game experience was truly amazing. The stadium holds about 120,000 people and it was almost filled on Saturday. Fortunately, after three overtimes, the Michigan Wolverines won 67 to 65, the highest score in Michigan’s history, I believe.

Still, being me I had to check out the bookstores. Since Ann Arbor is the home of Borders, I visited that and a couple more. (Can’t stay away from the biz!) Next time I go back, I will make sure to turn our clients’ books so that they face forward on the shelves.

For now, though, Go Blue!


  1. Jane, you are smashing in maise & blue. Love the scarf!

  2. Go Blue, indeed! Who would ever have thought you'd be in my neck of the woods!

    Not only did they save my eyesight at the U in 2009 but also my father's life twice in the past ten years (first from a brain aneurysm and later, cancer). I just had surgery there again ten days ago (non-eye related). They are the BEST.

    The football team is impressive, to be sure...but it's Survival Flight and the docs at the U that really have my heart.

    Hail the conquering heroes!

    Gee, it was awfully cold Saturday morning and that line of traffic we passed on the highway on the way to my went on f o r e v e r. Next time at least make them bring you coffee! Coffee and Dunkin' Donuts, even better.

    Or you're always welcome to come by for tea! :D

    (who is at this moment wearing Maize and Blue)

  3. You look more like the freshman's girl-friend in that top photo than the freshman's mom! And what do you mean there was no food served? Since when is there a tailgating party and no food??!!!

  4. You seem to have a lovely family, and to be very proud of your son. That's great! The pictures are lovely and your smile are very genuine. I'm sure you had a good time, and those bookstores seemed inviting!

    Thank you for showing a bite of a nice day!


  5. Thank you so much for your comments. The weekend was a huge amount of fun.

  6. Good for your son! Best school in the country - not that I am biased. The next time you visit, you MUST go to The Dawn Treader Bookshop. One of the most charming used book stores I've ever seen. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It's almost impossible to drag yourself back out once you step in. :-)

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