Monday, November 16, 2009

All Palin's Eve

by Jim

Here we are on the eve of Going Rogue publication, and I know how excited we all are. Harper reportedly plunked down $5 million for the book, which I initially thought was crazy but now think was crazy genius.

Some people love Sarah Palin. I mean...well, I’ve heard that some people do. I live in New York where Republicans are mythical creatures that people report spotting but can never empirically prove the existence of. But the point is, the success of Palin’s book isn’t going to be based on whether the people who love her turn out to buy it. It’s going to have to do with just how much vitriol the people who hate her can muster up against the book.

Let’s face it: liberal columnists and bloggers looooove to hate Sarah Palin. She’s a go-to whipping post, and the articles lambasting the book are already hitting the web faster than you can say, “Gotcha!”

Tomorrow promises to be a full media pile-on, and that’s going to send thousands upon thousands of readers to the book store. Palin’s got an Ann Coulter-ish appeal. She’s brash enough that the people who love her admire her spunk and the people who don’t are terrified.

I don’t know whether or not I’m going to buy the book, but I know that I could be swept away by the media frenzy. Whether or not I actually read it, I do know for sure that I’m going to spend more time on the book’s Amazon page watching the frequently hysterical freak-outs from Palin’s most disturbed supporters and detractors. What can I say--I love a good fight.

So who already bought it? Who is boycotting? And better yet--who’s going to the book tour?!


  1. I intend to spend tomorrow blissfully ignorant of her book as much as possible.

  2. Ugh. PASS.

    I won't buy it. It's possible that a few months/years down the road, if I find one left behind at the dentist's office, I might peek into it, the way one gawks at a road fatality while feeling ashamed to do so...but pay for it? No way.

  3. I watched Palin on Oprah this morning, and while I am no fan of hers, I was impressed merely that she didn't screw up. I thought about buying the book and might do so when I can get it used...and that won't be long.

  4. I'm with the others here who aren't going to shell out for this. Some day I just know I'll find this book at a Christian Aid garage sale, third-hand. I'll read it then if I've got a little time to kill. And this isn't because she's a Republican either. My parents were Republicans.

  5. I'd be more likely to read Levi Johnston's book (does he have one coming out?) because he makes me LOL. But, I don't think I'd spend money on books by either of them.

  6. Boycotting -- she deserves to be a political and social nonentity, and I will do my part towards that end by ignoring her and the book as much as is humanly possible

  7. It's like a bad car wreck... I can't seem to tear my eyes away!! I don't think I'll buy or read the book, but I hear she's on Oprah today.... must... stay... away...

  8. I Love Sarah Palin.

    I LOVE HER!!!

    I love her with a 'coon hat.
    I love her with a dead rat.
    I love her with green eggs and ham!

    In fact, if she decides to run for president, I'm going to switch my party affiliation over to the Republican side just so I can vote for her in the primaries.

    To watch Palin in a war of words with Obama onstage... ah, that's the stuff dreams are made of!


    Trailer-park joy!

    Hillbilly happiness!

    I have a pair of dirty overalls and a dead possum in the freezer just waiting for that day!

  9. I'm already convinced that Palin doesn't have anything to say that will add value to my life, why in heavens would I support her or her publisher with my purchasing dollars?

  10. Read it? WHY? Did she actually WRITE it?

  11. Sara added a date across the bay. I’m making popcorn by the garbage bag full the night before and will be taking off work. A group of about a hundred of us will start tailgating at 7 am in the parking lot. Frisbees, beach balls, and Kool-Aid. When Sara comes to Florida, it’s like The Haight in 66 all over again. Nothing but love, baby. I hear Dylan will be there.

    I will probably read somebody else’s copy. I’m green don’t cha know.

  12. there is sooo much good writing out there. And Palin's book isn't one of them.

    So, I'll give it a pass. Tears are rolling down my face, alas.

  13. I won't buy it, because I generally don't like celebrity/political books but I'm not one of those who hates her. In fact, I kind of like her :)

    I suppose I'm one of those "mythical Republicans" you've always heard about in NY but have never seen before :P And no, not all of us live in trailer parks and are hillbillies. I promise :)