Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A word to the wise

by Miriam

Jesse Kornbluth has some words of wisdom to share in this week's PW about the author's role in guiding his/her destinies in this brave new publishing world.  Check it out and let us know your thoughts....

(Happy Thanksgiving! We'll see you all again on Monday!)


  1. Thanks for the link. That was very interesting. For me, that was just another indicator of how important it is for an author to have an agent as his/her advocate.

  2. I've been working on websites and online marketing for other things. I just want to get GOOD at it before I unveil most of them. (After all, as Ms. Kornbluth said - we are our brand.)

    At the moment my cats have a nicer website than I do. (But I have a better sense of keywords and marketing....)

  3. This was a great article. Thank you! I think both authors and publishers need to realise the only way to succeed in this current situation is to adapt. The idea that authors are a brand is exactly right, whether we like it or not. People like to label, and a brand is just that. With so many different forms of media vying for our attention we need to embrace it and work it to our advantage. Personally, I'd rather spend the time writing, but if social networking, participating in marketing and creating my own brand is required to succeed, then I will do it. I write because I love to, but I also want to be a career writer and part of that job means embracing marketing in all its forms.