Friday, November 06, 2009

DGLM Poll-a-thon

Thanks to all of you for the great feedback in the comments on our post about changing things up around here. I've turned that feedback into some handy polls, so we can get a better sense of what all of you would like to see. And while we'll still have to decide how much of the feedback we're getting it'll make sense to run with, we are eager to hear from you.

And let me apologize in advance if these polls don't actually work--I'm trying some advice I found on a message board to put the polls in the posts rather than the sidebar, but as we've seen, when I get near HTML code, colors tend to go wonky. I'll fix 'em if this doesn't actually do the trick. Wish me luck!


Where should the DGLM blog live?

Which type of post would you like to see most often?

Show or Tell?

Give me more... (Choose as many as apply.)

Give me less... (Choose as many as apply.)


  1. If you don't feel constrained by blogger, I would stay here.

  2. I didn't vote on the last question because all the options were work/business related and that's where we get most (much appreciated) help.

  3. I would love it if y'all would put your names in the title of your post so I don't have to scroll down to find out who wrote it or read it and try to guess until I get to the end. Maybe it's just me...but I think it would be helpful.