Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Congratulations, Robert Kent!

by Lauren
Thanks to all who competed and voted in DGLM's first competition!  Robert Kent (of fame, naturally) is the winner of our contest and this pretty blue DGLM water bottle!

Robert's winning entry in the hilariously bad titles contest was ATLAS HUGGED: A Guide to Encouraging Charity in Your Community

Congratulations also to runners up Scott Martelle's TWEET JESUS: Bible Passages for the Twitter Age and D. Antone's WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THAT BOOK? Everything Known and Forgotten about Alzheimer's Disease.  Your prize is the (dubious) glory of knowing you made us laugh!

Robert, write to me at to send your mailing address and claim your prize!


  1. Congrats Robert!

    This was a great little contest. I really enjoyed it.

  2. This is so exciting! I won, I won! I want to thank my fellow nominees with whom I must share this award (but not literally, because sharing a water bottle is gross). And a big time thanks to the good people of Dystel & Goderich. I should also thank Ayn Rand, but somehow I don’t think she would approve of being thanked. She would want me to revel in the glory of my own selfish pursuits, thereby strengthening society as a whole the way our big banks have been doing (I’m sure objectivism sounded much more convincing in the 1957). So no thanks, Ayn. Incidentally, I am currently enjoying Ayn Rand’s The Art of Fiction, if any other writers/book lovers are interested. It is by far the most hilarious writing guide ever written, but I don’t think it was intended to be. Rand routinely lists books she considers not to be in the same league with her own superior fiction. That’s comedy gold!

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