Thursday, February 04, 2010

To profile or page?

by Michael

I’ve been waiting for the chance to sing the praises of one of my must-read blogs, The Book Publicity Blog, and I found yesterday’s post really helpful. Yen discusses the pros and cons of Facebook profiles and fan pages, helping authors (and publicists) figure out which is more beneficial, as well as pointing out that it really needs to be the author behind the profile—not a publicist or assistant. Though as she points out, the publisher can certainly help in some ways!

And if you want to learn more about book publicity, I suggest reading as much of the blog as you can. In a world where authors have to act as their own publicists in so many ways, I think this site should be on every author’s blogroll.


  1. Thanks Michael - I just signed up.

  2. Yes, thanks for the link to "TBPB"

  3. I have a Fan page for my character and my own personal profile on Facebook (plus the other things like a website, Twitter, a blog and on and on).

    I have a direct url on Facebook
    which is great because even if people don't have a FB account or aren't signed in, they can still go to my Fan page.

    I think the FB fan page is good because it allows quick and easy updates, event info, photos, and I reach people I otehrwise might not come into contact with.

    It doesn't have to take much time - a quick poste here and there or a note or a status update - so it can be mere minutes a day if I so choose.

    Besides, I figure there's nothing to los, so why not do it!