Monday, March 08, 2010

The role of the editor

by Jane

It must be in the wind. Twice in the last two weeks there have been major articles about an age-old subject that is still so very important in the business of publishing: the role of the editor. Even though publishers keep cutting staff, including some key editorial people, the editor’s value hasn’t diminished; in fact, in this era of growing digital publishing the role of the editor--whether he or she is on staff inside the publishing house, functions as an outside freelancer, or is even, as in our company, an integral part of a literary agency--has remained an incredibly vital one to the author and the quality of the book.

In her piece last week in the Huffington Post, well known literary agent Jean Naggar describes this role beautifully.

The bottom line is that the editor’s role should never be taken for granted.


  1. What Jean said. In spades. Thanks for the link.

  2. I can't help but wonder what it would take for the publishing industry to return to valuing the vital roles editors play - and to do so in a way that supports the requirements of high quality editing Ms. Naggar sets forth in her article. As in so many areas of late, quantity seems to give quality a thorough trumping, leaving many of us to wonder about the long-term effects. This was a great read!
    Nicole M.

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