Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring cleaning

by Chasya

It’s time to take out the trash--literally. As the birds come out to sing and the bitter cold edge of winter fades into a distantly unpleasant memory, I’ve been spending the weekends wrapped up in a yearly ritual that’s both exhausting and fulfilling--the purging and cleansing of my apartment.

That’s not the only thing I suspect being cleaned up, and on this helpful page run by a group of romance writers, Sylvia Rochester offers some good starter tips on polishing up your manuscript. Anyone else have some great tips to share?

Let the spring cleaning begin!


  1. Excellent editing 101 recap. I especially appreciate the list of useless words to find/replace or /eliminate. Thanks for the link.

  2. No tips to share, but I'm bookmarking that site and maybe do some spring cleaning of my own. I started weeks ago but fell off the wagon.

  3. Chasya, that's a great link, thanks!

  4. This is an excellent link. I am almost to the editing stage of my WIP and appreciate all the info I can get on the topic. I have another set of words to add to the "Are you using the correct word" section: peak/peek/pique. Here's a great link to check your usage. http://the-word-blog.com/2009/07/03/peak-vs-peek-vs-pique/

  5. Great post! I worked through my MS last night. At first I was afraid there'd be nothing left on the page once I'd swept out every That, So, Just, and Nearly, but I admit the whole thing is a lot more sparkly now.

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