Thursday, April 01, 2010

Epocalypse now!

by Michael

April 1, 2010, marks not just April Fools’ Day (quite possibly my least favorite day of the year, in close contention with Halloween and New Year’s Eve), but also the day that the “Agency 5” switch to the agency model (see my last post for more on this). I think most of us knew the transition wouldn’t be smooth, as entirely changing your business model in, oh, three months, isn’t exactly easy. And indeed, there are some hiccups along the way, with Hachette Kindle books temporarily missing, and Penguin unable to close a deal with Amazon (we received an email from Peguin regarding the issue this morning). There’s still some tension between Amazon and publishers, as evidenced by the response from Amazon regarding the missing Hachette titles, and there will be more carefully worded missives publicly traded in the days to come.

Amazon can’t be happy with the iPad reviews that rolled in last night, either, because in several of them (great round up here at Gizmodo), the reviewers mentioned that they preferred the iBooks reading experience to that of the Kindle. I am officially excited for Saturday.


  1. Epocalypse is right, though I'm surprised the uproar hasn't been greater.

    Predictions for the near-term? An initial sales spike from iPad users pairing with a greater sales dip at Amazon. Apple will then see a similar sales dip as the "newness" wears off paired with the average users (not avid reader) remarking "is that all?!" with the current state of the eBook.

    And then one of the big five will slash prices on new releases to $9.99, someone else will under cut that, and by the end of the year, someone will be selling new eBooks for $4.99.

    It'll be less like the music industry and closer to that of the airlines price wars of 1992.

  2. I am excited too! I've been reading the positive reviews and watching the videos on the Apple website and I have to say, I've just about been pushed off the fence. Unless I find some sort of deal breaker when I see one in person on Saturday (and I can't even imagine what that could be right now) I am planning on walking out with one (assuming there's any left!)

    Do you happen to watch Modern Family? I don't really but I saw the last few minutes of it last night and they featured a bit with the iPad. I'm not ashamed to admit in a public forum that I squealed like a 12-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert when I saw it. :)

  3. My only question is how can you not like Halloween? There's no other day of the year where it's completely acceptable to ingest 32 bite-size candy bars in one sitting. Best. Holiday. Ever. :)

  4. Dear Mr. Bourret:

    It has come to our attention that you have publicly disparaged three of our major holidays, in which the Lord of Misrule, chocolate, and alcohol are respectively celebrated.

    All three of our members are up-in-arms; four, if you count our treasurer's dog. Had you confined your comments to some minor festival--e.g. St. Swithin's Day--we might have turned a blind eye. But now, Sir, the gloves are off. We insist on some show of hilarity, forced or otherwise.

    You may tender your apology to our members via this space. Please note that we promptly break for tea and Digestive biscuits between the hours of three and four post meridiem.

    For those who are weary of the generally accepted holidays, as you seem to be, may we suggest you proclaim your own holiday for Saturday? Something of the ilk of "I've Got My I-pad Day?"

    Wishing you enjoyment of this day of April folly,

    Sir Michael Finnegan
    Artists Strongly Supporting Holidays Of Laughter and Entertainment.

    P.s. I am neither poor, nor old, nor bewhiskered on the chinnegan.

    P.p.s. Kindly do not scoff at our acronym. Mischief makers have brought it to our attention. We have already printed the stationery.

  5. I've been hearing that Apple is not making iBookstore titles available for iPhone and Touch.

    That's a mistake, because Apple fanatics already read on their iPhones - and love it. (It's convenient - although battery life is a problem.) By limiting their store to iPad users (if the rumor I heard is true) they are limiting their audience. Sure they'll get people who are NEW to ebooks, but the established audience will be at least partly disatisfied.

    All Amazon has to do, though, is to improve the Kindle reading interface to compete with ePub readers like Stanza. Because people with iPhones and iPads can still buy at Amazon.

  6. PBR - The next year is going to be an interesting one. I look forward to facing the challenges head on and embracing the change.

    Jen - I don't watch Modern Family, but I heard all about that. It sounded very cute. Good luck Saturday.

    Kristi - I don't need a holiday to eat candy -- that's why I go to the movies.

    Mr. Finnegan - I shall, indeed, celebrate a holiday Saturday: Stupendous Amazing Product Day. What's that you said about acronyms?

    Darling Novelist - I couldn't agree more. I don't get it.

    - Michael

  7. If you think the iPad is cool, you HAVE to check out the Microsoft Courier.

    I will sell your soul to get one of those.

  8. Michael,

    Happy SAP Day. I'm looking forward to your tale of how you muscled your way through the mall to behold and purchase the Holy Grail.


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