Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The LA Times Book Fest

by Chasya

It brings us no greater pleasure than when we see tangible examples that prove that the bookpocalypse that is constantly being predicted is not imminent. Hence my joy at this wonderful PW article citing that this weekend’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was a great success that drew record crowds of 130,000 attendees. Nice going LA! The Huffington Post has a good recap of the events--uh, including a seemingly unrelated Tetris flash mob at the festival. But who am I to complain? I love a good flash mob almost as much as I love Tetris.

What’s your favorite thing about book fairs, readers? Aside from mingling with like-minded book lovers, of course!


  1. Finding new authors and getting the chance to get old books signed by favorite writers, for sure. I'm so sad I happened to be out of town the weekend of the LA Book Fair. Next year for sure! I will fight the traffic to get there.

  2. I have to say it's the sheer choice. I went to a book fair in Bangalore a few years ago and it was just tents and tents FULL of books. Many were books I'd heard of, and even more were books I was just so thrilled to discover for the first time.

    I'm convinced my love of buying books will bankrupt me. But that's exactly why I think the 'bookpocalypse' is never going to happen. Too many people love to read far too much.

  3. Book fairs are well-stocked buffets where I can sample the works of new authors, meet fellow book enthusiasts and continue stocking my already groaning TBR pile.

  4. We love the book fair here in Chicago and go (almost) every year. Thanks for linking to these stories-- very reassuring!