Friday, April 30, 2010

Literary Olympics

by Rachel
Matt Stewart’s call for a literary draft, posted on the Huffington Post, sounds like an excellent idea! With the enormous amount of money being thrown around in the NFL draft, why not take a fraction of that money to discover the next literary superstar? Matt asks us to humor him with this idea, so let’s do that.

The LitDraft, he says, is more than a recruitment tool. He envisions this event going on TV, with running commentary, red carpet interviews, and “nifty segments on writers’ fascinating stories.” Matt believes this will get people excited about new voices, as well as getting those not so interested in reading, interested in reading.

The article may be all tongue-in-cheek, but I love the idea of a LitDraft. So, why not go one step further and hold the Literary Olympics? It could be a cross between Iron Chef and Wipeout. I’ve already though of one event: The Write Splash. Authors get one hour to come up with the synopsis of a story; the contestants are then judged on character and plot development by famous authors; one winner goes onto the next heat, the losers have to sit through a reading of bad celebrity biographies as they’re being pelted with water balloons.

Any other ideas as to what events could be held?


  1. Sign Off: Who can sign their name (semi-legibly) the most in an hour. Or maybe, who can sign the same name (i.e. Bob J. Smith) in an hour.

    Better than Potter: Take a scene from Harry Potter (or any other big-named series/book) and rewrite it in a way that you think is better.

  2. Banter Duels

    A banquet hall filled with tables. An NCAA-tournament-type bracket. Five three-minute rounds. Writers go head-to-head exchanging witty barbs, subtle putdowns, and faint praise that damns.

    The winner receives the Wilde-Twain trophy.

    - hk

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  4. Just saw that DGLM was named one of the Top 5 Agent Blogs for 2010 by Writer's Digest. Congrats!

  5. Writer's Block Blaster - water gun shooting at targets depicting the best ways to bust through writer's block.

  6. "So, why not go one step further and hold the Literary Olympics?"

    Please tell me they won't be disqualifying for caffeine and nicotine!

  7. I love it. American Idol for writers. So who are the judges?

  8. well i think the judges have to be blog agents! someone from dglm (of course),jessica from bookends, query shark (there's a contest in there too somewhere) and nathan bransford!

  9. Turning a chapter of a standard bodice ripper into literary fiction. Composing a series of haiku on a given theme. Writing the best possible excuse for not handing in homework on time.

  10. "the losers have to sit through a reading of bad celebrity biographies as they’re being pelted with water balloons."

    That's hilarious :)

  11. All winners will have to be tested for opium and absinthe before receiving their prizes.

  12. replacing a typewriter ribbon and then typing up a manuscript page on the typewriter!?

  13. @Mary Witzl
    Love the genre-changing idea!

    Shouldn't the synopsis writing be reserved for the losers??? BTW, congrats on the WD Top Blog listing though we all knew you guys were tops already.


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