Tuesday, April 13, 2010


by Chasya

One of the purposes of our blog is to provide helpful information to authors -- published and unpublished -- so that they are better informed of the variables that will guide them in this difficult and confusing industry. We’re not the only ones, albeit Penny Sansevieri, CEO of Author Marketing Experts, doesn’t mince nary a word in her list of why, as she puts it, authors fail. Sansevieri gets right to the point, asking authors to face the things that could be hindering them from potential success. Blunt? Perhaps. But nevertheless, excellent advice.

Dare you, authors, to read it in full and identify the behaviors that are sabotaging you? Any other advice, in your opinion, on why authors fail?


  1. I've read the article in full but am sorry to say I can't give feedback on it as Mercury is in retrograde right now. :)

  2. She hit it right on the head with that article. I haven't seen success yet, but I've seen a lot of authors who failed, and for any of those reasons.

  3. Fascinating post. I'm glad to say I do plenty of research, but I could probably stand to get a few more people to give me feedback and critique. (I do trust the opinions of the few I have, though, at least.)

    One thing I've known I need to do is blogging. I knew that even if I'm a ways away from querying, it'd be a good idea to start now. So I did today! What a timely post you've made!


  4. I read the article. Great advice. Thanks for the information. I plan to use it.

  5. Kristi, Mercury doesn't go retrograde until Apr. 17 so you have a few more days before communications go awry!

  6. I don't know how publishing works in New York! I've been slowly chipping away at my ignorance for the past two years; although I can't say it's a thrill a minute, I know I need to do this. Once upon a time I was guilty of a few of the other sins, but I've seen the light.