Thursday, July 15, 2010

A step in the right direction

by Michael

Via Mediabistro, I was led to this fascinating article about Hearst’s plans for their upcoming magazine apps for the iPad and other tablets. While I’m not sure they’re being realistic about the pricing of these apps, I’m excited that publishers are finally looking beyond delivering the print versions in an electronic format. Of particular interest to those of us in publishing is that the O, the Oprah Magazine app will allow users to download books within the app itself. It’s a smart way to sell books, as readers can buy what they want immediately — not only do they not need to go to the bookstore, they don’t even need to leave the app! I’m curious, of course, about what format the book will be in, and if you’ll be able to move it to other reading platforms, but this is all still early and preliminary. I’ll be eager to try these apps out when they arrive!


  1. Hmm, very interesting. The landscape of books is changing so quickly. Will be interesting to see where things go.

  2. Thanks for sharing the article. It was very interesting.

  3. Allowing people to buy and download a book within another app like the O magazine one is a very smart idea. Not only will it make things easier for the consumer since they won't have to go elsewhere to track down the title, it will probably boost overall sales because it makes the product available when the patron is most likely to be interested in. The ease and immediacy offered may prompt more impromptu buys and prevent consumers from forgetting about a title they meant to purchase.

  4. Magazines and journals are the reason I bought my iPad, not so much to use as an ereader for books. I'm looking forward to what digital technology can bring to that forum. I'm even thinking of adding subscriptions to magazines I would never subscribe to because I hate to deal with the clutter in the house. Thanks for posting the article, Michael.

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