Friday, July 16, 2010

Contest: Be your own psychic octopus

by Lauren

You know about our contest, right?  If not, read here.

I think we could all learn a little something about the courage of our convictions from the world's most awesome psychic, Paul the Octopus, so let us all embrace that spirit and go forth and declare winners!  I lack the technical know-how to set up something awesome and bracket-like for you here, but polls are open until Monday the 26th, so root for your favorites below, and let's see who makes it to the quarterfinals!

[Sorry, technical difficulties!! See the next round post!]

Thanks, everyone, for the nominees!  A bunch of these have been on my to-read list for ages.

*Selected from a list of Korean novels on Library Thing!
**Technically, this isn't from Slovakia, but it was the closest suggestion I got, since it was published in Czechoslovakia before the split.
***Vicki pointed out that while Allende is Chilean, this was published in Spain. I'm sure she's right, but I'll include it here because we did get another Spain entry and no other Chile ones!


  1. LOL!! This is a fun idea! There are some fantastic books up there.


  2. Hilarious - I love it!
    The results are interesting so far --

  3. wow, great titles and you have a well read blog audience!