Thursday, July 01, 2010

Vampires in Washington?

by Michael

There are those who contend that there are many blood-sucking creatures within the Beltway, but I don’t think they’re referring to vampires. But you know who was referring to vampires, and to Twilight in particular? Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, that’s who. In this very contentious clip, you’ll see that Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan refuses to answer one of the most important questions of our time. Will it affect her appointment? Do the people have the right to know her stance on the issue? How will she rule in any vampire-related cases? Looks like we won’t know until after she’s confirmed.

(I have to make fun of this, because the whole exchange embarrassed me, and seemed to embarrass Ms. Kagan, as well. What a world we live in!)


  1. It was silly and I think it's awesome that she didn't answer. She (Kagan) seems like she has a good sense of humor over all, though, which is nice.

    My answer, however would have been Team Movie Charlie. Didn't care for the character too much in the books but the way Billy Burke is portraying him is perfect.

  2. The senator looked like she wished she hadn't even started asking the question. How embarrassing.

  3. Yeah, I cringed. But I sort of wished they'd panned the camera to other Senate members as I'd like to see who was nodding their head and who had worn their BITE ME EDWARD buttons to the floor.

  4. To me, it seemed like Senator Klobuchar was trying to make a joke but it fell flat. Really, really flat. Grasshopper chirping flat. :o)

    I think Elena Kagan held her own and I'm glad she didn't answer the question.

  5. I always smile when I see proof that we are ALL, indeed human; and incredibly stupid on some days.

    But her response? Fantastic.

  6. Awkward... this made me cringe.