Thursday, August 26, 2010


by Michael
For someone who never liked math much (past the age of 16, that is), I have a thing for numbers. I like things to be tangible and real, and while dealing in the abstract is great for artists, it doesn’t make much sense in business. In all of the discussion of e-books, I find very few articles and blog posts contain numbers, and when they do, they tend be rounded and squared and averaged and guesstimated. So I was pleased to see this great post from Mike Shatzkin today, which looks more closely at the nitty-gritty of author compensation from e-books under the agency model. The results make sense, and in some ways bear out both the arguments of agents/authors and publishers. There’s still some guessing here, but this is the closest to something I trust that I’ve seen thus far, and it’s worth a closer read and further thought. Interesting times.


  1. Fascinating numbers...I love statistics. Thanks for the link ^_^

  2. Thank you so much for this link. Although I hate statistics, I force myself to read this stuff, because... Well, you just have to these days.

  3. Interesting! My current job is working in collection development in a library, with lots of budget work on past allocations and future expenditures, so I've gotten used to seeing the bigger picture through charts such as this one. Seeing the numbers in that format is really going to help me understand all the e-book royalty arguments from now on.


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