Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Publicity pointers

by Chasya

Though publishing blogger THE INTERN is hanging up her hat for now, in one of her last posts she offers some insightful (and entertaining!) advice about book publicity and marketing gleaned from her experiences as an author. Number one on the list? It helps to be friendly. A simple but excellent (and, as she points out, easy to forget) point. It also helps to “see everything as hilarious,” as in not take anything too seriously. Oh, and to be bad at math (naturally).

Do you have any other unusual pointers for the recently published author?


  1. For book signings:
    Bring hand sanitizer.

    Bring lotion to off-set hand sanitizer.

    Bring bandaids for papercuts.

    Do not experiment with self-tanning lotion the night before.

    Realize the door you've opened the first time you agree to sign something other than a book.

    Practice, well in advance, your public face. Employ a trusted friend to practice awkward scenarios with you. i.e. "When I read your book, I knew killing my husband was the right thing to do." or "I saw you get out of your car. Publisher didn't pay much, huh?"

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