Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love in the Time of Recession

Here's one category that's thriving in the U.K. I suspect the psychology's the same on this side of the Atlantic.



  1. So, could this mean that chicklit is back in? :)

  2. Shoot, that hyperlink isn't working for me.

  3. hi Loreth, nice to see you here!! :)

    And, whew!! I thought it was just me - the hyperlink didn't work for me last night, just checked again and it's still not working.

  4. ...for me, the hyperlink is still not working for me. It could be working for others(sorry, it's early here!)

  5. Sorry about the link. It should work better now.

  6. Bodice rippers were huge in our town in Scotland. They had an entire section of the library devoted to them -- easily as big as non-fiction -- and were eagerly passed from reader to reader. I had a good friend with a two-a-day habit. She knew better, but she couldn't help herself.

  7. There are many popping up in the US, too. I love reading books like this on fictionwise and It really is great escapism.


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