Thursday, February 12, 2009

She's just being Britney

I'm not saying I won't read it, or that it's a bad business move. But...

What are the chances it's as un-revealing and ultimately uninteresting as that MTV documentary she did a month or two back?

And should there be a minimum age to write a memoir?



  1. Well, maybe there should be a minimum age to write an autobiography, but not a memoir. :)

  2. Holy Mackeral. I agree with the comment that we pretty much already know most of her drama from the tabloids.

    I can't decide if I think it will sell or not? But it won't single handedly change the publishing world. Only my book can do that. ha! just kiddin'

  3. David said what I was going to: an autobiography perhaps requires a minimum age, unless (not to be crass) you're going to die soon, but a memoir could be written by anyone who has had a specific experience to write about. ;)

  4. David and Jess--Good eye! I misspoke. But I remain unconvinced that we need this book--whatever it make be.


  5. I bet this will sell like nobody's business, and I might even read it. But her ghostwriter's memoir -- that I would absolutely read.

  6. I agree with David, above, about the memoir-autobiography thing. And she's clearly lived a life, so far, most people can only imagine.


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