Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Proust Lite: Part Deux

This time, Jim McCarthy takes a crack at the Proust questionnaire.

* What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?


* What is your idea of earthly happiness?

A banana chocolate chip muffin, a liter of Diet Coke, a good book, and the time to take a nap.

* Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?

Milkman in SONG OF SOLOMON. John Ames in GILEAD. The perhaps anti-heroic Madame Bovary. THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. And Billy Pilgrim. Poo-tee-weet.

* Who are your favorite characters in history?

Serial killers and egomaniacs are always interesting (and sometimes are one and the same). Elizabeth Bathory. Pope Joan. The Son of Sam. William Randolph Hearst.

* Your favorite painter?

Van Gogh (trite but true).

* Your favorite musician?

Ella Fitzgerald’s voice transcends time.

* Who would you have liked to be?

Andy Warhol. Other than that part where he got shot.