Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Books good enough to eat

by Chasya

All over the country last week people were celebrating Children’s Book Week. An exciting nationwide undertaking that has been going on annually for nearly 100 years, Children’s Book Week introduces new ideas and author to kids and encourages reading. Events and readings took place in cities across the United States at libraries, schools and book stores. Promoting books to kids? Nothing can make me happier! Um, except for maybe this awesome post from Cake Wrecks celebrating CBW with some decidedly not-so-wrecked cakes. See my favorite below, and click here for more amazing looking cakes that will undoubtedly remind you of childhood!


  1. Cool cakes and gotta love anything that puts kids and books together. :)

  2. Love that cake! Books, kids and cakes = surefire win!

  3. Oh, I loved The Giving Tree cake! Anything combined with cake is a winner in my book - pun intended. :)

  4. Oh the Places You'll Go -- every adult should re-read it!

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