Thursday, May 27, 2010

LOST in a good book

by Michael

It's BEA week, and I'm in New York, in a hotel, exhausted by my day of standing around. But my mind keeps drifting back to Sunday and the finale of LOST. As I said to friends, I laughed, I cried, and I was completely caught up in the moment. I will miss the show, flaws and all.

What's this got to do with books, you ask? LOST had many literary allusions throughout the show, and this LA Times blog post  goes through a bunch of them. Interestingly, the producers and I like many of the same books. Are any of the LOST books on your favorites list?


  1. I love Watership Down, and was re-reading it a couple of years ago, at exactly the same time Sawyer was reading it. Same trade paper back version and everything. That's when I knew he was one cool cat (you have to be pretty manly to read a book about bunnies).

  2. Yes! And I loved all the literary allusions in Lost (and I loved in particular that Sawyer was so well-read. Seems a lot of people think only "nerdy"/"bookish" men like to read, and you can't get much more masculine than Sawyer!)

    I loved the odds to the Odyssey and the Chronicles of Narnia, and Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz were very obvious but necessary choices. I loved the inclusion of Flannery O'Connor (I haven't read enough of her stuff but want to!). I wish it had been a full list, although that might take a while to compile. I feel like there was a Vonnegut book somewhere in there (maybe in the barracks?), because I remember getting excited about it, but I can't remember which one. (Cat's Cradle might fit the best, though.)

  3. I loved Haroun and the Sea of Stories and Watership Down, and while I haven't yet read Deep River, I have a lot of respect for Shusaku Endo.

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