Friday, May 28, 2010

Twain on the Brain

by Rachel

Get excited people! Mark Twain’s (almost) neverending autobiography is finally going public in November. Leaving behind 5,000 unedited pages of memoirs and notes, Twain gave instructions not to publish this mammoth manuscript until 100 years after his death. Right now the manuscript is safely tucked away in a vault in UC Berkeley and will run in volumes for all you Twain fanatics eager to know every single thought that ever crossed his mind.

That’s very exciting, and it will probably be necessary to catch up on my speed reading if I want to read the half-a-million-word memoir in full.

Do we have any diehard Twain fans here? And, will you be reading his 100-year old memoir?


  1. I'm a Twain fan but I don't know about 5,000 pages. Could someone's life/thoughts be that interesting? I enjoyed LIFE ON THE MISSISSIPPI and I'm wondering if this picks up after that or what. I'm sure I'll end up at least skimming it.

  2. I'm not a diehard Twain fan. But, the man is so interesting that it'd be a crime to pass up Twain's autobiographical memoir.

  3. Diehard Twain fan here. I will give it a try.

  4. I'm a Twain fan. Not only have I read his books but I've acted in a few plays based on them. I'll be interesting to see what he thought and how he perceived himself. Now I know what I'll ask for Christmas.

  5. I read every Mark Twain book I could find when I was a teenager. I'll be interested in hearing how this autobiography reads.

  6. Oh, HELL YEAH!

    I'll read it twice! My arms will be in great shape when I'm done. I'll read a page every time I stop to sip a soda! I'll have it done in a week.

  7. I've already ordered my copy. I'm hoping for the signed version.

  8. I LOVE Mark Twain and I'd rather read a memoir than just about any other genre, so yes, I will definitely be reading this.

    But 5,000 pages? It had better be riveting.

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