Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cash for pageviews

by Chasya

These days we often advise our clients to get out there and build a presence on the internet. We may sound all broken-recordish on this issue, but the free publicity an author can get simply by engaging in social media is becoming more and more necessary and invaluable! And, of course, we’ve been practicing what we preach right here on our blog and by spending time reading and boning up on social media ourselves. Which is why this great piece from The Awl caught my attention. Looks like the New York Observer is offering cash prizes for certain achievements made by their staff on the interwebs! Authors, take note, because the tips they offer to achieve these goals are fantastic and can be used to boost your own web presence. Check out their advice on how engaging readers in discussion and offering commentary on buzz-worthy topics can get your name out there.

Any other helpful tips you’ve come across in your own quest for internet domination?


  1. Ironic that I read this just as I received an email from an old friend who found my blog. She's interested in doing some cross promotion - she owns a dance studio. She liked my writing style, is impressed by the blog traffic, and thought we could do a project together - and is offering some sweet incentives. I'd resisted doing a blog for so long...Glad I finally succumbed. Thanks for the link. Some great advice there!

  2. Wow, I'm not sure what to think of that. Seems kind of... crass. Don't get me wrong, I have a blog and everything, but I'm not a journalist. It just makes me uncomfortable that "serious" journalist will be altering their work in hopes of getting more comments and page views.

  3. Great timing for this post! I've just started an online workshop to develope web-presence. I will suggest others go to your page to get the link.... see, its working!

  4. "You don't write because you want to say something. You write because you have something to say." -- F. Scott You-Know-Who.

    "It's about content, damnit." -- fatcaster

    Have to agree with Kelly. :)

  5. I started blogging a few months ago. I haven't held any contests yet or done anything too special, but I did get to interview a best selling author last month, just days before his sixth novel in a series was coming out. That was awesome!

    There were a few times where I vented a few times, dealing with the whole querying mess, and oddly enough, those posts garnered the most hits and comments, beating out by a large margin, my author interview. That was kind of sad to me. I had even asked for questions from my followers to ask the author, so that they could be part of it, but only three offered questions. The interview was still a success as I'm getting outside hits from people looking for information on the author's books.

    Today, I did some research into upcoming e-readers, and had just a few comments. Guess people like drama better than information.

    I love blogging, but it does take time away from writing. Otoh, I've honed my writing skills in different ways when blogging.

  6. Not to brag, but I appear to have written the definitive post on how to eat slugs and that has pretty much kept my blog alive during the dry (or actually, wet, months). For some reason, whether slugs are okay to eat, what their nutritional value is, how to make them tasty, etc., are compelling questions that people all over the world want answered. So, weirdly enough, writing about slugs has given me something of a web presence. I don't know whether that's a bad or a good thing, but I suppose there are worse ways to earn your five minutes in the limelight.

  7. Mary Witzi--my daughter had a pet slug when she was 7. The neighbor kid stepped on it and my daughter came in the house literally sobbing. "Michael stepped on Sluggy!" It was so cute. I can't say I was sorry for poor Sluggy's demise, but I was sad for my daughter, but trying not to laugh at the same time.

  8. bitter and twisted17/5/10 8:06 PM

    this is so sad to see. Another agent who insists that pre-fame is more more important than the content of a manuscript.

    Just how many people are going to hit on a blog offered by one of the great unwashed anyway. So it seems it is important (says the agent) that you have your blog where all your friends and family can visit and maybe up to three strays a year.

    The best thing to do with a blog is to hit on it yourself about 1,000 a week, then when an agent checks it after you have submitted a manuscript the dollar signs in her eyes will light up as she calculates potential sales, which will give your work a chance of acceptance.

    Don't worry that your time spent blogging will detract from your time writing, always remember in the agent is concerned with sales not content.


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