Thursday, September 02, 2010

Blogging is hard!

by Michael

Especially on the Thursday before Labor Day! I’ll admit, part of the problem is that I’m distracted getting some great submissions together for Fall and, of course, by the action at Flushing Meadows. It’s my favorite two-week stretch of the year! Sad to see Roddick and Oudin lose yesterday, but I’m happy to cheer on the many Americans still left in the draw. I actually like so many tennis players that I often get confused about who I really want to win. But today, I’ll say I’d like to see Clijsters and Fish win. Just don’t expect the same answer tomorrow.

In e-book-ish news, Samsung finally admitted what the tech world already knew, that they’ll be releasing the Android-powered Galaxy Tab tablet later this year. It looks like a nice device, with that front-facing camera (and a less interesting rear-facing one) that everyone expected the iPad to have. The book reader is powered by Kobo, and it looks quite nice. As the Engadget video review mentions, the pixel density is better than the iPad, so I’m curious to see it in person. Let the tablet wars begin!

Ok, enough of my rambling. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!


  1. First paragraph, I totally understood, like you were my brother from another mother. In Roddick's absence, Fish is an entertaining choice.

    The second paragraph was like Latin. :) I need a "tech-geek to English" dictionary on hand.

  2. I just want Kindle to do colour, then I'll do happy :)

  3. Ahh....sometimes blogging can be so hard!

  4. Yet here we are. Why do we do it again?

  5. When I saw the title of this blog post on Twitter, I immediately knew it was your post. :-)