Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The parenting shelf

by Stacey

I get a newsletter from The Skinny Scoop about all kinds of parenting topics, and this post made me think about parenting books and how many we buy and either don't read, or read a chapter of and file it away. In our new house which is sorely lacking bookshelf space (see Lauren's photo of my book closet), I took a precious shelf and dedicated it to parenting books I've bought or received over the years. It runs the gamut from fertility books to pregnancy books to baby naming books to taking care of baby books, and finally (lucky us!) to books about having and raising twins. Many didn't make a lasting impression, and some turned me off completely with their alarmist and ultra conservative advice, but there are definitely a few I've passed on (mostly about sleep training) like The Baby Sleep Solution, which helped us get our twins sleeping through the night in a flexible way, and Twinspiration, a smart, realistic guide for parents of twins which should get a prize for most clever title.

What are your favorite parenting books, and which ones did you hate?


  1. When I was in the middle of infertility, I love the book that kept me sane. I can't remember the name (this was over 17 years ago), but I remember how comforting the colors in the cover were.

    I loved Dr. Brazelton's book. I think it was called "Your Baby's First Year". That was my bible, and the first book I ever got signed by an author.

    I haven't been able to find anything I *love* about childhood ADHD, which is why I'm writing "Michael is a Verb".

  2. Jacoba Urist23/9/10 12:08 PM

    I read The Happiest Baby on the Block before my son was born (two really close friends raved about it and they both seemed very together those first few months with their own infants). I was lucky enough not to have a kid with colic but I have to say, I used almost every "trick" in that particular book and everything worked like a charm when he was fussy or difficult.

  3. We had a book that helped us get our colicky babies to sleep -- sadly, I've completely forgotten the title and author. Libby Purves' 'How Not to be a Perfect Mother' was funny and helpful, and so was a book someone gave us called 'Curse of the Mummy' because it made me laugh. Teryl Zarnow's 'Husband is the Past Tense of Daddy' was another one I'll never forget.

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