Friday, September 24, 2010

How to be rejected

by Rachel

Back in May, Jane asked you guys what your biggest query mistakes were, and many of you were quite eager to share your horror submission stories with us. Hopefully reading those horror stories gave you a bit of advice on how to improve your queries.

But, if you’re looking for advice on how to turn an acceptance into a rejection, look no further than the staff over at Writer’s Relief, whose sarcastic tips for failing (or, succeeding—in receiving rejection letters!) are published on the Huffington Post.

My favorite tip for rejection has got to be taking it personally. There’s nothing like an author who gets politely turned down and then seeks payback!

Going through this list, what have you been most guilty of?


  1. I always respond with a thank you when it is an email query. I have possible asked advice of what did wrong. but never attacked the agent i was submittng my work too.

    I have used several methods of query samples and all styles have been rejected. I found another from the publishing company I intend to send it too it is so cut and dry it makes me a bit wary. It just doesn't seem like enough information in it to sell the story. I dont I understand agents recieve so many query letters a week but one page with 15 lines to sell your works seems not the word I wanted to say but cant think of anything else. I dont think i have ever had such a challenge as I did when wrting a query letter.
    most advice I was given was, too much info, not enough info, irrelevent info, but it sounds like the making of a great story. what more can i do?

  2. That's a funny link - thanks!

  3. I think, perhaps, that being an "older" writer- it's so much easier to see the clear picture about not taking it personally.

    This might be ONE case where age works in a woman's favor. The only one. :-)

  4. The responses to my queries up until this point have always been polite. I would have no reason to be anything but the same. I just wish that I could figure out how to find my glass slipper and have my happily ever agent. Happy hunting to all, I'll keep trying and I promise to stay polite.

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