Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Big, bad technology

by Stephanie

The debate over technology and the threat it poses to book publishing is one of those topics that continues to persist—and rightfully so.  No one can deny that the rise of technology and its impact on publishing has been and will continue to be profound.  The concern is tangible throughout the industry, but this article at USA Today makes a worthy case in favor of the book.  The piece highlights five specific myths surrounding publishing, ranging from the degree to which authors need publishers to the market for e-books, both now and in the future.  This article is just one of the many opinions being thrown around, but it provides an arguably valid and sound case.

Like I said, the technology debate is one of those things that isn’t going away any time soon.  And considering the impact it has already had on the industry, it’s one of those things that needs to remain at the forefront.


  1. Well said. The discussion needs to remain at the forefront, lest the publishing industry repeat the mistakes made in the music industry; that is, failing to capitalize on new distribution methods because they were too busy fighting tooth and nail to preserve the "old ways."

    Sounds like McGraw has his fingers on the pulse of the book world. I wonder how many writers can say the same?

  2. I just blogged on this today. Those who embrace this new media landscape and push the boundaries of technology will be out in front. It doesn't and shouldn't have to be either/or. We still do what we do and deliver content in whatever way the consumer wants to receive it -- whether that's in the traditional format or in a digital format.