Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The thing about writers....

by Miriam

It’s been my experience that writers (especially great writers) seem to see-saw between outsize egomania and despondent insecurity. But, as this delightful excerpt from Hunter S. Thompson’s job application demonstrates, they tend to be wittier than the average Joe at expressing both of those states (and all the ones in between).

What are your favorite examples of writerly arrogance (or self-deprecation)?

via The Millions


  1. Wow. That cover letter is atrocious, yet I find myself wanting to hire him...

  2. "Warmongering Propoganda" That's OUTSTANDING! I <3 Hunter S. Thompson

    I have been living in Colorado for two years now, but still read Carl Hiaasen's column in the Miami Herald. He's got that Thompson-eske 'tell it like it is' factor going on, (though incredibly different in style, it's equally enjoyable.)

  3. This man is amazing. I would hire him without blinking. Why can't we all write cover letters like this?!

  4. If only I had the guts Hunter had. Of course, he also had the wherewithal to back up every word he said.

  5. Love the warmongering line!

    But to answer your question, I believe there was a certain male "I-don't-write-romance-I-write-love-stories" writer who had enough bravado to give an interview where he compared himself with (and even set himself above) Shakespeare, Austen, and Hemingway...

    I've got nothing against him. I'm just commenting that THAT took some writerly ego!

  6. I do think that in any endeavor you do need to have a little ego, some bravado, some machismo, to set yourself apart from myriad others who would just as soon take your spot. In sports, they call it swagger. I think swagger is a good thing. Cocky, maybe not so much. But a healthy dose of "I'm really, really good, and I'll prove it to you" can go a long way.

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