Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writing to extremes....

by Miriam

Life at DGLM has been so hectic today with back-to-back meetings and important literary agent things to do that I’ve not had time to come up with a blog topic, much less write one for your amusement, annoyance, and/or edification. So, in desperation, I looked up writer’s block in Google Images and I found the following from AmazingSuperPowers by Wes & Tony:

A little extreme, but I get it. Haven’t you ever gotten a little crazy when a deadline’s looming and you’ve got bubkis?


  1. Disturbing cartoon. But funny.

    Back when I was doing freelance commercial copy writing, I worked well under pressure. When clients gave me tight deadlines it had a tendency to bring out my "A Game" without any coaxing.

    Nowadays when I need to get the creative juices flowing, I approach it the way I approach actual juice: you gotta give it a little squeeze. So I'll do writing exercises (or play "Words With Friends") to force my brain into a creative mood.

  2. Thank God I always have bubkis. I just need more deadlines.

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