Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Freckleface Strawberry Live!

by Stacey

Following up on my piece last week about book to theater adaptations, I was happy to learn that this type of thing is also taking place on the kid's side. The actress Julianne Moore's first children's book, Freckleface Strawberry, has now been adapted as a stage play, with music! You can learn more about it at the website or read the review in today's Huffington Post or New York Times. One thing I really love about this show is that they offer a Study Guide on the show's website which talks not only about the book and its positive messages for children of all ages, but offers ways in which all of us can help kids develop their own self-esteem, and teach kids to appreciate each individual's uniqueness. As the study guide says, "After all, differences are what make us individual and special."

To me, this book to show adaptation illustrates another great way in a tight market to broaden a book's audience, keep it relevant, and generate additional publicity for the book years after its release in bookstores. I'll be ordering the book myself, and will definitely try to take my kids to see the show. If any of you have the book or have seen the show, let us know what you think and if it's really as cute as it looks!


  1. The Kennedy Center Theatre for Young People in Washington, DC, does many literary adaptations, including a musical version of Mo Willems' KNUFFLE BUNNY and, this coming seasons, Jacqueline Woodson's LOCOMOTION. They do gorgeous work transforming the written word for the live stage.

  2. I didn't know Julianne Moore writes! That's great.

  3. It's always encouraging when debut authors get this kind of attention. ;)

  4. Anonymous 10:19, if it was Joe Schmoe and not Julianne Moore it wouldn't be getting this kind of attention. That's the reality of publishing and everything else, but at least Moore's book brings a positive message to children, so I'm not complaining. Well, not too much!