Monday, October 18, 2010

The two Ms. Rachels

by Jane

So there is good news and bad news at DGLM. The bad news first:

Our dear Rachel Oakley has had to depart. Originally from Australia, Rachel was well ensconced in our company and doing a superb job. She had even signed her first client. In short we all loved working with her.

Sadly, about four weeks ago, Rachel learned that her father, who lives in Australia, is critically ill and so she is leaving the States to be with him during this difficult time. Because she doesn’t know how long her stay will be, we were forced to accept her resignation.

And then came the new Rachel—our good news!

Rachel Stout is a graduate of Fordham University here in New York with a degree in English and has always wanted to be in book publishing. After a year working in the retail clothing business (the perfect background for our very fashionable office) and pursuing publishing internships, she has joined our team. We are absolutely delighted to have her, and I hope all of you will welcome her to our staff.


  1. Farewell, Rachel O. While we've never met, I know a bit about what you're going through and offer my sympathies.

    Welcome, Rachel S. Congratulations on the new gig, and a bonus congrats for escaping the world of retail!

  2. Welcome, Rachel! :-)

    And goodbye, Rachel. :-(

    Whenever I hear that someone's gotten divorced or had some other challenge in their life, I always say, Congratulations! Because, in my life, the things that are the hardest often are also blessings. I've had people say, Thank you for that, although I'm sure others think I'm being flip.

    So I say congratulations to you both, from the bottom of my heart, for the new phases in your lives.

    (And my thoughts are with you and your father, Rachel.)