Friday, April 16, 2010

I'm so excited!

by Rachel

Remember Jessie Spano from Bayside High? Well, I do, and Lauren, being the Saved By The Bell fanatic that she is, pointed out this announcement on about Elizabeth Berkley writing a self-esteem book for girls. It probably won’t be written from Jessie Spano’s perspective (because, if you care to remember, she was a little neurotic–make sure to click on the link in the EW post), and I’m guessing it also won’t be written from the perspective of, well, other characters she’s played which we’d rather choose to forget, but this looks to be like an interesting project.

Going along with the teenaged TV star theme, I think Shannen Doherty could definitely write an interesting--if not helpful--book on self-esteem for girls. Maybe a celebrity mother would make a good fit too--Gwen Stefani? Jada Pinkett? Reese Witherspoon?

Who else do you think would make a great author of a self-help book for teens?


  1. This news upsets me. On so many levels.

  2. Youtube Dejà Vu:

  3. I think Kate Winslet should write for teens. She's a fantastic actress with a great career/family balance and I'm sure there are many teenage girls and young women who look up to her for that (I know I did/do).

    She's also been wonderful about body image and physical/inner beauty. I must have read countless interviews in which she talks about how she doesn't allow her body to be airbrushed in her films, and she's always had a lovely, healthy figure. She is a great role model and I think she has the wit and intelligence to write great self-help books for girls.

    I admit it, I love Kate Winslet a little bit.

  4. Shannon Doherty *snort*
    That's like Hiedi and Spencer writing a relationship book ;-)

  5. Scarlett Johanson. She's young enough to relate to teens- she grew up working in a career that constantly puts your self esteem to the test and she's so confident, level headed, and makes great choices in the films she works on.

  6. I hate the idea of celebrities always thinking they can write a book (usually a children's book) just because they're celebrities and publishers falling all over themselves just because they're famous!!! I know, I know....some kids (not all thank goodness) see them as role models, etc. I'm just stating my personal opinion.

  7. I'd like to see Alyssa Milano take a stab at it. She grew up in the industry and always seems so positive about everything. If she needs some help writing it, I'm available! :-)

  8. Candace Cameron has [seemingly] maintained a positive and healthy life since being a child actor.

  9. Julia Roberts would be perfect. She has kids so you know she'd want to do it right. Also I have never seen her put herself down but is humble and respectful. She'll play not so glamorous parts that make an impact. Whether she doesn't wear makeup or has big hair, to just looking like a goofball, you leave her movies wanting her as your best friend.

  10. ... The First Lady, perhaps. She has two teen daughters I believe. Former First Ladies Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton also might, for the same reason. One by Gwen would be interesting. Rebel nature aside, she projected a positive self-image for girls in her videos. In one, she mocked videos made by other performers that objectified women among other things. Nicely done :-)


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